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Issue 11275208: Merge 133124 - [Refactoring] Move initial style setting for ProgressValueElement from attach method… (Closed)

8 years, 1 month ago by karen
8 years, 1 month ago
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Merge 133124 - [Refactoring] Move initial style setting for ProgressValueElement from attach method to createShadowSubtree method in HTMLProgressElement. Reviewed by Hajime Morita. Source/WebCore: The original code updates inline style during attach(). However, the attach would be invoked from Element::recalcStyle()'s reattach(). If updating inline styles during the reattach(), style related flags, i.e. childNeedsStyleRecalc, and needsStyleRecalc are cleared after the reattach(). So the inline styles are not updated in next setNeedsStyleRecalc, because ProgressValueElement has already had InlineStyleChange (existingChanegType == InlineStyleChange) and markAncestorsWithChildNeedsStyleRecalc is not invoked. Test: fast/dom/HTMLProgressElement/progress-bar-set-value.html * html/HTMLProgressElement.cpp: (WebCore::HTMLProgressElement::attach): Copied updateFromElement from didElementStateChange. If removing the update, indeterminate-progress-001.html and progress-element.html under fast/dom/HTMLProgressElement will fail. We still need attach() and updateFromElement. To remove the attach(), need more refactoring, i.e. investigating where attach() is invoked from and modifying all related codes. (WebCore::HTMLProgressElement::createShadowSubtree): Initialize m_value by indeterminate-position. The value is default value of progress element. LayoutTests: * fast/dom/HTMLProgressElement/progress-bar-set-value-expected.html: Added. * fast/dom/HTMLProgressElement/progress-bar-set-value.html: Added. Committed:

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A + LayoutTests/fast/dom/HTMLProgressElement/progress-bar-set-value.html View 0 chunks +-1 lines, --1 lines 0 comments Download
A + LayoutTests/fast/dom/HTMLProgressElement/progress-bar-set-value-expected.html View 0 chunks +-1 lines, --1 lines 0 comments Download
M Source/WebCore/html/HTMLProgressElement.cpp View 2 chunks +3 lines, -1 line 0 comments Download


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