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Issue 11093025: Merge 160358 - Fix wallpaper change on login screen. (Closed)

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2 years, 7 months ago by Nikita (OOO from May 25)
2 years, 7 months ago
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Merge 160358 - Fix wallpaper change on login screen. * Wallpaper is changed if needed when user is activated with click * Correct wallpaper is shown after user is deleted Speedup: load wallpaper without timeout when activated with click as opposed to activation with keyboard. BUG=153040, 153423 Review URL: Committed:

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M chrome/browser/resources/chromeos/login/user_pod_row.js View 6 chunks +15 lines, -4 lines 0 comments Download
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Nikita (OOO from May 25)
2 years, 7 months ago (2012-10-09 16:18:15 UTC) #1

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