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Issue 10980011: Merge 129448 - Document::adoptNode for multiple fields time input UI should not crash (Closed)

8 years, 2 months ago by yosin_UTC9
8 years, 2 months ago
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Merge 129448 - Document::adoptNode for multiple fields time input UI should not crash Reviewed by Dimitri Glazkov. Source/WebCore: This patch changes Document::removeFocusedNodeOfSubtree() to check focused node in shadow DOM tree for avoiding Document::m_focusedNode not to have dangling pointer to field owner in DateTimeFieldElement. Test: - fast/dom/shadow/shadow-removechild-and-blur-event.html: test for removeChild dispatches blur event. - fast/forms/time-multiple-fields/time-multiple-fields-crash-after-adoptnode.html: test for adoptNode not to crash. - fast/forms/time-multiple-fields/time-multiple-fields-state-change-on-focus-or-blur.html: removeChild of input type "time" dispatches blur event, existing test. * dom/Document.cpp: (WebCore::Document::removeFocusedNodeOfSubtree): Changed to check focused node in shadow DOM tree in addition to descendant node. LayoutTests: This patch adds a test for checking removeChild() of shadow host dispatches blur event if focused node in shadow tree, a test for checking adoptNode() doesn't causes crash and dispatches blur event during document.adoptNode() and updates expectation for focus/blur event test. * fast/dom/shadow/shadow-removechild-and-blur-event-expectation.txt: Added. * fast/dom/shadow/shadow-removechild-and-blur-event.html: Added for checking removeChild of shadow host dispatchs blur event when focused node in shadow tree. * fast/forms/time-multiple-fields/time-multiple-fields-crash-after-adoptnode-expected.txt: Added. * fast/forms/time-multiple-fields/time-multiple-fields-crash-after-adoptnode.html: Added. * fast/forms/time-multiple-fields/time-multiple-fields-state-change-on-focus-or-blur-expected.txt: Updated to expectation to have output from blur event handler. Committed:

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